How Solar PV is Changing our Grid

The Conversation.

Just a short one from me, to link to this excellent piece in The Conversation. Tells the story of how Solar PV is changing our electricity market. Graphs! Analysis! Please, more coverage like this.


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One response to “How Solar PV is Changing our Grid

  • Andrew

    That answered a few of the questions I had and plenty more I didn’t.
    As the subsidies dry up, there will necessarily be rationalisation among installers of rooftop solar, but this supports the idea that the attractiveness of solar will remain for consumers regardless.

    Is that a good thing, though? Seems like a pretty inefficient way to generate so much power. I hope the changing price of PV also affects the economics of large-scale PV plants, it would be great to have some 200 megawatt plants operational.

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