Monthly Archives: December 2012

Policy Watch: Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Big news for large energy users at the moment is the start of a new Energy Efficiency OpportunitiesĀ  cycle. “Assessment Plans” for the second cycle are due at the end of December and about 300 corporations are pulling theirs together as I write.

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Levelised Cost of Electricity: What is this?

Levelised Cost of Electricity, or LCOE is a means of comparing generation technologies, by considering the cost of the electricity that comes out over its lifetime. Simply put it is the lifetime sum of all the costs; construction, planning, maintenance, land purchase, waste disposal, pollution charges, mining, divided by the amount of electricity produced during it’s lifetime. Choosing some non-indicative numbers, if you spend $2000 installing solar panels, and they generate 4000kWh over their life time, your LCOE is 50c/kWh.

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