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If the answer is nuclear you don’t understand the question.

When selecting technology to solve a problem, a common method employed is to have “eligibility criteria” and “merit criteria”. Eligibility criteria are the must haves; if you are selecting a new machine to generate electricity “does it generate electricity” is the obvious one. Eligibility criteria are all pass/fail tests. Merit criteria are what you use to split all of the options that pass. Say you’re comparing a diesel or natural gas engine to power a remote site, a merit criteria could be “is fuel available all year round?”

In this post I will focus on the eligibility criteria for powering Australia while reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity production. I will spend a long time arguing that, no, nuclear should not be considered, because it is utterly incapable of solving the problem. In later posts I will discuss the merit criteria, where again nuclear falls down.

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